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Easy DXF type —
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No More Jagged 3D Type...

Download these FREE dxf-format 3D fonts for use in your Mac or PC 3D applications

No More Jaggy Type!

Welcome to EASY DXF TYPE...


FREE 3D Font Collections—Download a 3D alphabet RIGHT NOW!


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Easy DXF Type 'FAQ'—simple answers to the most common questions

Suffering from chunky 3d text? Here's how to get around Bryce's cool-yet-streaky terrain 'text' models... Grab a DXF font library, right here!

  • 26 alphabetic symbols—or more—in each 3D font collection
  • uppercase fonts sometimes include bonus word objects like "and", "the", "of"
  • front face is bevelled (rounded) when feasible
  • easy to import into Bryce (file menu -> import)
  • integral bounding boxes ensure consistent alignment and size
  • easy to use arrow keys to "nudge" items, keeping them aligned properly
  • There are some tricks and traps to watch for
  • Also check out our Easy DXF Type—3D Font Collection FAQ

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